Shane Mosley recently announced his retirement from the sport, so it only seems fitting to reflect on his magnificent career. Overall it’s been an accumulation of ups and downs with high profile names highlighted in red and green on his record. He’s recognised as a boxing great but it’s not all been plain sailing for the American with losses against Floyd Mayweather Jr, Manny Pacquiao and Saul Alvarez.

He’s been involved in huge occasions and also been in the midst of drama in his time, a lot of people will recall the famous win against Antonio Margarito who attempted to cheat with wet pads that would imitate the affect of plaster when dry.

5 – Shane Mosley v Miguel Cotto (Nov 10th, 2007)

In 2007, Mosley faced off against the unbeaten Miguel Cotto in a barnburner. The emphatic bout maintained a ferocious pace throughout and both boxers ended with identical punch stats, throwing 506 in total. The much loved Puerto Rican got the nod on all three judges’ scorecards but both received accolades after showcasing some great skills. It was a fight that could have gone either way and fortunately “Sugar” Shane bounced back in the fight listed below.

4 – Shane Mosley v Ricardo Mayorga ( 27th Sept, 2008)

This fight was one enjoyed by many fans, as Ricardo Mayorga seemed to get his comeuppance after his behaviour in the build-up, he seemed to have touched Mosley’s girlfriend inappropriately and sparked fury. Both parties were kept apart and Mosley had to wait until fight night to strike his redemption. Mosley fought in a back and forth and despite the fact he was going to take the decision, he waited until the last round to pile on the pressure. Mayorga wilted in front of everyone’s eyes, he went to the floor with seconds left and was finished with an impressive lead left hook in the last seconds. This dramatic finish added to the occasion with it being literally in the final second and the bell couldn’t save the opponent.

3 – Shane Mosley v Floyd Mayweather Jr (1st May, 2010)

This wasn’t the most exciting for casual fans but boxing purists always enjoy watching two legends enter the ring and this one was remembered for some of the hard shots that “Sugar” Shane Mosley landed. It’s not often, if ever, that we see Mayweather rocked but he was clearly hurt in this bout. In round two Mosley landed a straight right hand that forced Mayweather to hold on. Not long after Shane Mosley landed an overhand right that shook Floyd to his boots making him duck down and just about stay on his feet. Mayweather was eventually woken up by these big shots and dictated the pace for the second half of the fight but this was an example of what Mosley was capable of.

2 – Shane Mosley v Oscar De La Hoya 1 (June 17th, 2000)

Putting these two talents together was always a recipe for a great fight and it lived up to expectation. Fast combinations and some fascinating exchanges seemed to be the story of the fight, De La Hoya had only lost to Felix Trinidad going into this fight. Mosley on the other hand managed to maintain his unbeaten run and take his record to 35-0 after he beat Oscar De La Hoya in a split decision.

1 – Shane Mosley v Antonio Margarito (24th Jan, 2009)

The controversy leading up to this fight added value to the magnitude of the victory. Not only was Mosley a 4/1 underdog and expected to crumble under the pressure of Margarito who had recently destroyed Cotto in a war, but Margarito was caught with wet pads in his wraps. There were many whispers speculating within the boxing circuit that he may try to cheat and it wasn’t until Mosley’s coach caught Antonio’s wet pads that would soon dry into a plaster like consistency that he was labelled a fraudster. Mosley pummelled him towards the end of this fight, seemingly punishing him over and over until eventually finished him with a brutal ninth round beat down.


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